Challenge 5: Build Stronger Relationships

Daily interaction with people is an essential life function. While many of us are always talking with guests or sales or other business people, those relationships are hard to build as we may never speak with them again. Spending time on those we care about and want to be closer with is one way to increase your overall physical health as well as your overall well-being.


The following tasks can be used to start accumulate points for the grand prize of $1000. Be sure to report your progress using the "Submit Your Progress" button on the left.

  • Dedicate one meal a day to eat as a family. 5 points per day.

  • Each day spend quality time with—or do something special for—a loved one, friend, or coworker. (It doesn’t have to be the same person every day.) 5 points per day.

  • Spend 5 minutes with someone you struggle communicating with. 10 points per person.

  • Do not participate in gossip. 1 point per day.

  • Meet someone new. (Must learn their Name, one thing they like, one thing you share in common, and spend more than 30 minutes with within a 7 day period.) 10 points per person.

  • Apologize to someone. 5 points per person.

  • Forgive someone. 10 points per person.


Choose one goal from the list provided below or create your own goal and track your progress. If you meet your goal you will earn $20 off your yearly medical premiums.

Complete goal on at least 45 out of 60 days of one of the followings:

  • Have a meal once a day as a family.

  • Invite a friend(s) over for a game night.

  • Call your parent(s) or sibling(s) once a week.

  • Dedicate an hour a week to spend with someone.

  • Dedicate a set time with no electronics.

  • Focus on your body language while in conversation with people.

  • Recognize the different personality types and how you interact with them.

  • Create your own


The Wellness Committee has not yet selected an on-site activity for this challenge yet. Please check back later

Tracking your progress

Keep track of who you interact with on a daily basis and write down what you did that day to help or harm your relationship with that individual.

Download Tracking Log

Get Started

Step 1: Register. Use the link on the side bar to register for this program. You only need to register once. If you have already done so, even for a different challenge, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Choose a goal. You can choose any goal you want that can improve your physical wellbeing. Goals must be able to be tracked and logged in order to qualify for the Premium Discount Program.

Step 3: Track Your Progress. Keep track of who you interact with on a daily basis and write down what you did that day to help or harm your relationship with that individual. 

Step 4: Join the Step Competition. The step completion is a fun way to compare how many steps you take each day with your co-workers and the rest of the company.

Step 5: Participate in Activities. Each location will have a joint activity night that is free to employees and can range from yoga to hiking. These activities are chosen by a committee of employees. To suggest an activities reach out to your GMs.

Step 6: Submit your progress. At the end of the challenge you will get a reminder email to submit your progress. This can be done using the "Submit Your Progress" button on the side bar. Be sure to include all the required information to receive credit for your hard work.

Step 7: Get ready for the next challenge. Click here to view Challenge 6.