Employee Referral Program

One of the ways our company searches for applicants is through you, their employees. You are an invaluable resource to the recruiting team! We want to encourage you to invite your friends, family, colleagues and other connections to apply for jobs they are qualified for within your organization. As an added incentive, any employee who refers a candidate that is hired and stays employed for 60 days, both the candidate and the employee who referred the candidate will receive a cash bonus. These bonuses are set by job position on a need basis and may not be available for every position. To check what positions are worth, you need to create an account through our hiring software.

Our HR Department uses iSolved Hire, an applicant tracking software, to assist us in our hiring efforts. The Employee Referral portal makes it easy and quick for you to share job opportunities and it also streamlines the process for HR. It's easy to share your company's jobs right to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linked, or you can click the email option to send the job link to specific contacts. We encourage you to include a short, personal note in your post or email about why you like working for the company. In addition to a general post, you can send the job to relevant social media groups.

Click the link or enter into your web browser. To start, you must first create and account using this passphrase: ENSIGNREFERRAL to self-register from the Employee Sign Up area.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.00.19 AM.png

Upon entering the system, you will see the Employee Profile form. Add in any missing profile information. All required fields will be marked with an "*". Enter a password of your choice in the corresponding field and enter it again in the Confirm Password field.

Click the Create an Employee Profile button.

After creating your profile, you will be redirected to the Referral Program tab. Or, if you are logging in, click the Employee Portal link to see the Referral Program tab. You will see two sections, the Current Job Referral Opportunities and Past Job Referrals. Here you will be able to see how much a specific position is paying.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.07.20 AM.png

You are able to refer from the Current Job Referral Opportunities list. You will see options for sharing/advertising these jobs. Click the job to see more details about the opening, including the job description and any notes from HR. Share the job by clicking on any of the icons shown (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email).

The Past Job Referrals section shows previous referral information on jobs that HR has closed. You are not able to refer for closed jobs.

Reviewing Referrals

Your referrals have followed the link you provided, using one of the share options above, to login and apply.  Their source will be auto-populated for them as an "employee referral" and will link to you specifically upon application completion. You can view how many referrals have viewed the application and how many people have applied.

Managing Your Account

To manage your account, click the My Account link toward the top of the Employee Referral portal page. Make any necessary changes and click the Update button to save.

Common Questions

Q: What if I have issues creating an account?

A: If you have any issues logging on or creating an account you may alternatively send an email to Ethan or call (801) 433-9074.

Q: How do I know what jobs I can refer people for?

A: You can log into the Employee Referral Portal any time to view Current Job Referral Opportunities. Also, a weekly email is sent to all employees who have self-registered or were registered by HR for this program. The email includes a link to the company employee referral portal and tells employees which jobs are new vs. existing. You will ONLY get an email notification when there are open jobs posted to the Employee Referral site.

Q: How does the applicant know that I referred them to a position when I use this portal?

A: When you click on the social media icons, you are prompted to login to your personal social media page. The post is created for you, simply choose how you want to advertise it. Who sees your post on each social page depends on who your connections are and who you've shared the post with. If you use the email option, the link to the job will be listed in the email you send to them. You will be the email sender.

Q: How do my referrals get tracked?

A: When a referral applies for a position using a shared link, the source field on the application will be auto-populated for them as an "employee referral" and will link to you specifically upon application completion. The applicant will not be able to change this. Hiring managers and admins in HR will also see your name listed as Employee Referral source for the application.