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Looking down on Angels Landing from Observation Point, which is currently accessible as a top-down hiking option from the east plateau on the East Mesa Trail. Roads can be rough, so if you don't have access to a high-clearance vehicle, you can opt to hire a local outfitter, such as Zion Adventures to shuttle you to the East Mesa Trailhead.

#1 - The Pa'rus Trail! Start your walk from the Zion Visitor Center (or even begin your walk straight from your hotel) on this paved path that winds below the canyon walls of Zion and crosses the Virgin River. This easy stroll can be enjoyed in any weather, although it does get a lot of sunshine, so don't forget your water and sunscreen! The Pa’rus Trail is 1.7 miles one way and can take 1 to 2 hours to enjoy. It is mostly level and is wheelchair accessible, bicycle and pet-friendly.

Rent a bike from any of the great cycling companies in Springdale, such as Zion Cycles, to ride through town, the Pa'rus Trail, or the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive (yield to shuttle buses and be cautious of cars). You can even rent a mountain bike and explore some of the area's fantastic mountain biking trails, or go with a guide!

#2 - Tube the Virgin River! A fantastic way to beat the Zion summertime heat and have a unique and memorable family-friendly adventure is to tube the Virgin River through Springdale! While you're sure to have a blast, this is not your ordinary leisurely float. Wear plenty of sunscreen, make sure you have a waterproof bag for anything you don't want to get wet, and be prepared to dodge some rocks and branches - and to have a great time!

Rent your tube on a first come, first served basis from Zion Outfitter in Springdale, May through July, depending on river conditions. As with any activity planned around the river, always keep an eye on weather conditions as flash-flooding is a possibility in the summer months.

#3 - Book a Private Excursion or Tour! Springdale and the Greater Zion area are full of opportunities for doing things that you may not have done before! Reserve a private or small-party tour with a guided tour company and try canyoneering, rock climbing, or a guided Narrows hike. You could also take a sunset jeep tour and see some of the most incredible vistas that exist or imagine that you are in the wild west and go horseback riding through some beautifully rugged country!

Experience the exhilaration of trying something new! Tour companies such as Zion Adventure Company are experts in making sure their guests are safe and comfortable, and that they have a great time making lasting memories!

#4 - Explore East Zion! Drive through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel and explore some of the lesser-known areas of Zion National Park! Sites such as AllTrails and Joe's Guide to Zion offer some fantastic information on various hikes throughout Zion, including Cable Mountain, Observation Point (from the top down), Many Pools, the East Mesa Trail, and many more! 

Whether you want to stretch your legs on a day hike, take in the sights on an afternoon drive, get some amazing photography shots, or maybe get a glimpse of the bighorn sheep that frequent the area, East Zion is definitely worth seeing!

#5 - Visit a Ghost Town! In the mid 1800's, a group of Mormon settlers built a small community named Grafton, with plans to farm the land and raise their families. After years of dealing with many hardships, including the unpredictability and flooding of the Virgin River, the nearby town of Rockville was settled and Grafton was abandoned. In more recent years, Grafton has been the site of at least 6 films, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

The road to Grafton can be accessed through the town of Rockville, on Bridge Road, that crosses the Virgin River. Continue to the right at the intersection and follow the signs on the dirt road to the Grafton Ghost Town. While many areas of Grafton are open to the public, please be respectful of the private property.

#6 - Wander around the Desert Lowlands! In the areas west of Zion National Park, from Springdale to La Verkin, you can explore the Desert Lowland hikes that will take you through some of the little-known areas around Greater Zion. Some of these hikes fall under the Bureau of Land Management and can be accessed and enjoyed even when Zion is not open. These year-round trails still offer some great views and plenty of miles to roam. Whether you want to ascend to the Eagle Crags, or walk through the Huber Wash, these areas offer an opportunity to see some beautiful scenes that few who visit Zion ever take the time to enjoy.

The Desert Lowlands can be hot during the summer months, but shine in the fall, spring, and winter!  During the summer, consider some of the higher elevation hikes on Kolob Terrace or check out some unique desert scenes in the Red Cliffs Reserve in all seasons. On Kolob Terrace you can choose from day hikes in open spaces such as Northgate Peaks, the Connector Trail, or the Hop Valley Trail! The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve is an  area of protected habitat in Greater Zion where the lucky few will get a glimpse of a desert tortoise or even a Gila monster!

#7 - See the Coral Pink Sand Dunes! The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a lesser-known gem in Southern Utah and is only about an hour from Springdale! Grab your camera, pack a picnic and drive east through Zion National Park, enjoying the wonderful scenery along the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway, until you reach Mt. Carmel Junction. From there, turn right on to US-89 and continue for 3 ½ miles where you will turn right onto Sand Dunes Road. Stop by the visitor center to pay the entrance fee and inquire about a guided ATV tour or sand-sledding! Don’t be afraid to get sand in your shoes as you walk along these hills of colorful sand! 

Along with the Coral Pink Sand Dunes that are shown in the image above, visitors can also explore the other beautiful state parks that southern Utah has to offer, including Sand Hollow, where you can rent a boat, jetski, or kayak, dive in the desert or rent an off-road vehicle from one of the many great off-road rental companies in the area. 

#8 - Hit the Links! The Greater Zion area is a premier golf destination! Thirteen unique golf courses, all within 20 miles of one another, offer remarkable vistas and enjoyment for all skill levels. Many of the courses can be found from Hurricane to St. George, and none of them would be a good walk spoiled!

If golfing isn't your favorite pastime, consider booking a treatment at a local spa! In Springdale, you can reserve a relaxing massage or enjoy a soothing facial! After hiking all around the Zion area, you'll be glad you did!

#9 - Go Mountain Biking! The diverse geology that surrounds the Zion area makes for incredible scenery, but also for a variety of fantastic mountain biking opportunities! The hills near Zion are a favorite of extreme mountain bikers and are the annual site of the famous Red Bull Rampage. Don't let that stop you though, as there are trails for all skill levels! Contact one of the many great biking outfitters in Springdale, such as Zion Cycles, and find your perfect flow!

Find your perfect mountain biking trail in the area around Zion National Park. You can ride along the edge of canyons, down the side of mountains, or along the rim of a butte with unobstructed views of Zion! For a list of mountain biking trails, sites like the MTB Project are great sources of information for mountain biking opportunities around the Greater Zion area.

#10 - Get a Bird's Eye View! See a different perspective of the magnificent geologic wonders that abound near Zion National Park! View the sights from above in a helicopter or a small plane and bring on the memorable experiences! 

Reach new heights in the skies above the Zion National Park area! Contact a local helicopter or scenic air tour company and plan an incredible adventure with a small party of your closest friends or family. Enjoy the views high above where the angels land and see the Greater Zion area from a whole new perspective!

If you're longing for socially-distanced adventure and new experiences in the great outdoors, the Greater Zion area has so many incredible options to choose from! Visit to see the full list of activities in the broader Zion National Park area and plan your perfect future trip to Springdale, Utah!

Plan your future visit to Greater Zion and make Springdale your base for multi-day adventures! 

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