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Your life is full of activities that pull you in different directions. This constant pull can take a big toll on your body and overall health. Getting and staying healthy is a daunting task, but you don't have to go it alone, share your goals with your co-workers, friends and family and invite them to change with you. With small and simple changes each day, we can all change our lives for good.

At Ensign Hospitality our slogan is "A Higher Standard" and that includes our employees. That's why if you are willing to invest some time and effort in your health, Ensign will invest in you. As you successfully complete our challenges every two months you get entered into a drawing to win great prizes and can earn up to $120 off your yearly medical premiums.

The goal of this initiative is to engage employees in choosing healthy lifestyle choices that enhance their overall wellbeing. By making and keeping specific employees will improve their lives in several aspects. This program is not intended as a quick-fix, diet, or a weight loss program, but rather an initiative to improve long term overall wellbeing. Understanding that your wellbeing and fitness are obviously connected, they are not the same. Engaging in this program will help you improve in 6 core areas of wellness and can really make a difference in your life.

What's in it for me?

When you are more active your body does some amazing things. So what are the benefits of participating?

  • It Can Make You Feel Happier
  • It Can Help With Weight Loss
  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels
  • It Can Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease
  • It Can Reduce Pain
  • It Can Reduce Anxiety

Aside with the physical benefits, you can earn $20 off your insurance premiums for each challenge you complete just by completing 3 simple steps, 1:Register, 2:Choose a goal, 3: Complete your goal.

You can also earn points by completing items in the "Tasks" section below. The top 3 people with the most points from each property at the end of each challenge will be entered into a drawing to win prizes like an Apple Watch or gift cards. The person with the most points at the end of the year will win $1000, 2nd place wins $500, 3rd place wins $250. 

The real satisfaction will be in taking control of your health and fitness. Ensign Hospitality cares about employees' wellbeing and hope that by participating in this program your life will get better.

Having a hard time getting motivated? Read this article from Harvard University about why its so hard to get active and how to start.

How to Earn Money

Option 1:

Each challenge has a 2 month time frame before the next challenge starts. There are several activities in each challenge to choose from and points are assigned to each activity available in that challenge (to view tasks and points, please select the "View Challenges" button). The person with the most points at the end of challenge 6 (July 31, 2019) will win $1000, second place will win $500, while third place will earn $250.

Option 2:

Each challenge has several tasks and goals to choose from. Select a goal that you want to focus on during the challenge month and make plans to achieve that goal. If you complete your goal within the 2 month time frame of each challenge you will earn $20 off your yearly medical premiums. You must register through www.ensignhospitality.com/register in order to qualify for the premium discount program.

NOTE: These Challenges are not meant to take the place of personal instruction from your physician. If you have health concerns, ask your doctor for individual guidance. Goals may be modified with approval to meet individual medical needs.


Other Ways to Get Involved

Ensign Step Competition:

In addition to the bi-monthly challenges you can join the Ensign Step Competition at anytime to see how you stack up against your co-workers and at other hotels. The competition is a fun way to get active and will continue through year long even after each challenge ends. This competition is not associated with any monetary reward and meant as a fun way to compare the amount of steps you take with your co-workers.

On Site Activites:

Each challenge will have at least one on-site activity hosted by Ensign and are free to all employees and immediate family members over the age of 14. Activities are chosen by the Wellness committee. To be apart of the Wellness Committee, please email ethan@ensignhospitality.com.

How To Get Started

Step 1: Register. Use the link on the side bar to register for this program. You only need to register once. If you have already done so, go to Challenge 1 to view specific tasks, goals and rule on how each challenge works.

Step 2: Choose a goal. You can choose any goal you want that can improve your physical wellbeing. Goals must be able to be tracked and logged in order to qualify for the Premium Discount Program.

Step 3: Track Your Progress. Remember that you can participate in both the overall grand prize program that consists of reporting the tasks listed in the "Tasks" section of the challenge and the Premium Discount Program that earns you $20 off your yearly medical premiums. You can use apps like Runkeeper, Nike+ Run Club, Pacer, or any other fitness app that logs your progress and details. You must use the Fitness log and be sure it is filled out completely. You will need to submit your Fitness log and any proof of completed tasks. This data will be used to fill out the "Submit Your Progress" form (see step 6).

Step 4: Join the Step Competition (optional). The step completion is a fun way to compare how many steps you take each day with your co-workers and the rest of the company.

Step 5: Participate in Activities. Each location will have a joint activity night that is free to employees and can range from yoga to hiking. Just for showing up you earn 50 point! These activities are chosen by a committee of employees. To suggest an activities reach out to your GMs or a member of the Wellness Committee.

Step 6: Submit your progress. At the end of the challenge you will get a reminder email to submit your progress. This can be done using the "Submit Your Progress" button on the side bar. Be sure to include all the required information to receive credit for your hard work.

Step 7: Get ready for the next challenge. Click here to view Challenge 2.